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You’ve arrived at the digital home of Heather Styka, a Chicago-bred, Maine-based singer, songwriter, poet, and vagabond.  Come on inside, say hullo, peek around, maybe grab a cup of tea, and have a listen.  Watch a video, read a poem, peruse a travel blog, or browse photos from the road.  Thanks for stopping by!
fine and direct storytelling... artistic mastery
Butch Kara, KZGM-FM


While This Planet Spins Beneath Our Feet has arrived!
CD Release Shows:
Chicago, IL: Thurs. Sept. 18, dual release with Emily White at Martyrs.
Portland, ME: Sun. Oct. 26 at Blue.
Can't make a release show? ORDER YOUR COPY AT BANDCAMP!

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these songs hit that place in your chest where emotions reside... stunning
Tim Carroll, FolkWords

Upcoming shows

With an acoustic guitar and a sweet, Midwestern croon... Heather Styka sings her heart out.
Kelley Simms, Illinois Entertainer