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Hurray! Heather's new album, 'The Bittersweet Tapes,' is now released on Bandcamp for you to listen/peruse/download/order. Recorded in an old brick bungalow in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a four-track cassette recorder, the resulting session is honest, unedited, intimate, and raw. Like good sushi. Check it out.

fine and direct storytelling... artistic mastery
Butch Kara, KZGM-FM
these songs hit that place in your chest where emotions reside... stunning
Tim Carroll, FolkWords

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"With a classically modern folky warble, a nimble fingerpicked guitar, and a gently placed rhythm section, Heather Styka has given us a sonically immaculate recording of personal narratives and captured moments."
- Dispatch Magazine, Sam Ueda

"Listening to ‘While This Planet Spins Beneath Our Feet’, the new album from Heather Styka, I’m once again struck by the power of the essential poetry that pours through her lyrics... it’s an easy undertaking to share the journey."
- Folk Words, Tim Carroll