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Listen to the new album 'North,' premiered by The Bluegrass Situation

“A lyrically rich album that makes you feel as if you’re peeking into [Styka’s] diary.” - No Depression

“’North’ is a journey in itself… filled with folk, pop, and Americana, but most importantly wonderful storytelling.”
- The Deli

“Heather Styka preaches what we all need to hear… Styka puts her vocal prowess on full display alongside her talent for telling stories and connecting emotionally.” -
Glide Magazine

Styka takes the classic folk protest album and injects stories reflective of her life… The poignant stances that Styka takes when she advises us all to love each other in an increasingly divisive world are that much more powerful with her innate ability to relate her own life's story to it all. - PopMatters


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